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Things I’m SICK of….in Sports of course…



Jason Myrtetus

Thoughts on Philadelphia Sports



Sports are the ultimate reality television. Except reality television has turned into scripted versions of reality and a bunch of pseudo famous people hamming it up for the cameras that follow them. Slick editing determines how a conversation or moment is interpreted. In Sports there is no script, it’s spur of the moment drama and intensity is why we love it. When you watch any game, you may see something you have never seen before. It could be a perfect game in baseball on mid August night in Seattle, a NBA player scoring 60, a 200+ rushing day with 5 touchdowns or en epic five goal comeback in a 3rd period for an NHL team. That’s why we love sports. Moments that remind us of what it is to be a sports fan.

That was the good part, now the bad. It seems in any calendar year we have some major sports league in peril with a lockout or work stoppage. Last year the NBA started late and had a shortened season, The NFL, prior to last season was a complete mess with no offseason until a deal was struck on the final drive before the clock ran out. Now the NHL is once again embroiled in a labor impasse. The sides are far apart and time is running out to get a deal done before the current CBA expires. Oh yeah, don’t forget under Commisioner Gary Bettmans watch the NHL lost an entire season in 2004.

Here an idea, start the negotiations earlier, get a deal done and stop screwing with your fans who really end up keeping all of the teams, owners and league officials working and earning a good living. Enough of the “one ups manship”. Get a deal done and let the fans enjoy the good stuff and stop trying to tell the common fans why millions of dollars need to be allocated in certain ways.

Get it DONE!

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