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Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home(1)

Selling Your Home in Chester County, PA

6 things to think about……

When you own a house that has been your “home” for a number of years and it is time to sell it is an emotional roller coaster.

That being said, as a Realtor we see all different kinds of personal situations that warrant a sale of property.

Trends and times usually dictate how it all goes but some things are CONSTANT:

  1. A Seller/Homeowner always has an opinion of what their house is worth.  What they’ve put into the home, plus  what they paid for the home does not equal price.  As a seller, it’s always important to listen to your agent.  They know the market and know what price the house will sell at the time of listing.  If there are a lot of Buyers looking for a house just like yours then the price can be higher.  Conversely, if there are fewer Buyers that want a house like yours, you will need to price to “attract” that specific Buyer.
  2. The property is always worth what a buyer who has the money is willing to pay. This is called “THE MARKET”.   Markets change because of trends and what else is for sale at the moment you list your home.  This is called “Comps”.   So for those that “think” your home is worth all the guts and glory you put into the home, please note that this isn’t always the case.  Timing and price and who is IN the Market for a house like yours is everything.
  3. There is a TREND called a “house sale climate”.  For example, I noticed that recently, Sellers want to price their homes for more than the recommended price because they know that Buyers will “make an offer”.
  4. Buyers will offer a low price but will pay what it is worth to them if the property is priced properly.
  5. Since selling is an emotional journey, it is important to work with someone you trust to provide you with professional service.
  6. The condition of your home is absolutely essential. Clear the clutter.  Make repairs.  Paint.  If you know you are working on putting your home on the market in a year or so, start talking to a real estate agent now.  It’s great to be able to have a realtor come into your home and give you tips on what you can accomplish in that year prior to listing.  You never want to list and THEN do repairs.  Keep up with the home. It makes listing far easier when everything is done.

Selling homes happen when competent professionals take charge and help it occur.  Whether you are listing now, in a few months or even a year from now.  Email Arleen Pecone and get started on that sale early!

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