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PLACES! A brand new, world premier musical.

The official buzz on PLACES! the musical is that it is this brand new musical written by local author and composer, Danny Scott.

“Follow the musical paths of uniquely talented strangers as they grow to become the closest of friends in this heart warming and toe tapping production about the relationships that are created in community theater.” – Footlighters.com

The unofficial word on this is that it is a nothing-like-it, must see, fun and upbeat musical capturing moments in time of “real” people doing “real” things in “real” life….really! But how do I know this? Drum roll please…..I play the character Patrice Fellini, the owner of Fellini’s Cafe. The local author and composer Danny Scott has been one of my closest friends for the better part of thirteen years. He happens to be – in my opinion – one of the worlds best musicians. Did you know he toured overseas in his younger days? Personally and professionally he’s an absolute gem.

Born out of a families love for the theater, Danny put pen to paper and decided to share the experiences he had when his family started doing shows following an audition his teenage daughter Abigail had a few years ago. The story line follows Sydney (Sarah Sperling) and Drake (Kurt Anderson) through their awkward misunderstandings of each other. Sydney is an aspiring Broadway starlet with an obnoxious and at times abusive fiance Geoffrey (Mark Sborlini). Drake is a Cardiologist and well skilled in “matters of the heart”. We also see Tiffany (Abigail Scott) and Logan (Josh Davis) as the cute teen pair beginning to realize and follow their dreams of performing and baseball.

But the wonder and amazement doesn’t stop there. We have real Broadway star Ron Kurowski who played Bobby in A Chorus Line for many years on both Broadway and in London. He and his co-star Mary MacAvoy play the annoying turned amorous couple Harrison and Jenny. The love song they share in Act II is so beautiful it will bring tears to your eyes and the on stage chemistry they share as the story progresses is breathtaking.

Don’t let all the hype about Les Mis distract you from taking the time to go and see this spectacular production at Footlighters Theater in Berwyn. Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased at the door or online HERE. Group rates for 10 or more are available. The show opens February 1st and runs through the first three weekends. Friday and Saturday shows are 8pm and Sunday matinee is at 2pm. I may be biased, but I personally guarantee that you wont be disappointed!

You can also check out PLACES! online on Facebook and watch the official trailer with some crazy outtakes and missteps HERE.

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