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Toot Sweet! Realizing Passion Through A Family Tradition

Step into the doors of Toot Sweet! and you get hit with intoxicating smells of batter and sweet icing. Your heart calmed with the fun décor allowing your inner child to become giddy with excitement. Much like every wonderful small business in Chester County, there is a story behind Toot Sweet!.

Diane told us that she remembered her mother being a modern day Martha Stewart. Her mother was gifted with a creative edge and could do anything from ceramics to weaving her own baskets. Diane was not as gifted in the fine-arts department, in fact she barely passed her art class. However, the artistic gene did follow her later in life and formed more of a technological gene, which lead her to study video production.

Not only did she study video production but she excelled in it. Diane worked at PRISM part-time and as a freelance tape operator for the Phillies, Sixers and Flyers games. She then helped launch Comcast SportsNet.  During her time in video production, her mother started making for the Holidays as gifts.

Reluctantly at first, Diane helped her mother and it soon became a tradition that she looked forward to.  Her love for baking and the beginning of Toot Sweet! started by making buttercreams and truffles.  Her co-workers began to encourage her to sell them at work.  Shortly after that, people from all over the Wachovia Center (now the Wells Fargo Center) begged her to fulfill their chocolate fix. During one Valentine’s Day, Diane sold so much chocolate that she was able to pay for a trip to Hawaii with her mom.

Diane realized that she had a gift and began to dream about owning her own chocolate shop.  She then started to save money to open up her dream shop because baking was always in her blood.

During the weekends she would bake cakes, cookies or cupcakes for fun and take them to work for everyone to eat.  Diane quickly saw that cakes were more lucrative than chocolate alone. Renting kitchen space for certain periods of time would allow her to get her food license and blossom.  Wagontown Fire House decided to meet with her. Facing a group of officers and a banquet manager, she soon melted their hearts and they loved the idea of renting the firehouse kitchen for a few hours.  She also realized that she had also landed hungry firemen taste-testers!

Finally, after two years she was able to make the decision to resign from video production on January 2, 2012.  She signed a lease to her first shop on February 27.

Her first year anniversary is approaching.  What a year it has been for Ms. Toot Sweet!.  We are thrilled to have her join the Living in Chester County, PA family!   We can’t wait to share more about Diane and what Toot Sweet! has in store for you all!

Toot Sweet! hosts birthday parties, makes amazing cakes, cupcakes and chocolates, and puts a personal touch on everything they do!

Find her on Facebook, visit her Website or just give the shop a call!  (610) 363-2154

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