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Bernese Mountain Dogs shot by a neighbor in Chester Springs, PA

UPDATE:  BREAKING: DA: Gabriel Pilotti, 72, charged with cruelty to animals and recklessly endangering another person in connection to West Vincent dog killing.  –Per the Daily Local News Facebook Page


Yeah, you read right.  The two beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs were shot by the owner’s neighbor because they entered onto his property.

As a Pennsylvania State Law, residents are legally able to shoot and kill if they feel that the animal is a threat to their livestock.  Even though livestock OFTEN break free of fencing and trail off the property.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are farm dogs by heritage. Their nature is herding and because I am the owner of a Golden Retriever, I know all too well, that sometimes dogs escape from their yards.  It’s the nature of the dog to run, to herd.  Some people, like Gabriel Pilotti for instance, fail to understand this concept that all dog owners understand.

These dogs entered on to his property and began herding his sheep.  None of the sheep were injured by the dogs.  Gabriel Pilotti’s solution was to shoot both of the dogs in the head killing them instantly.  There was no warning to the owners, as this was the first time the dogs entered on to Pilotti’s property.


UPDATE: Please Visit the Chester County DA’s website for any Press Release about this case:  http://www.chesco.org/index.aspx?NID=2001

What can you do??  Sign the Petition below and also report this story to PETA.org:

Petitioning W. Vincent Township Police , D.A Office of Chester Springs, Chester County

This petition will be delivered to:

W. Vincent Township Police , D.A Office of Chester Springs, Chester County

W. Vincent Township Police , D.A Office of Chester Springs, Chester County: investigate Gabriel Pilotti w/ killing 2 pets that are bred to herd sheep

Sign the petition at Change.Org!!

We will continue to update this story as we hear more information. Please feel free to leave your comments.

Update:  there has been a group page on Facebook created: Justice for Argus and Fiona

Also, more details into this story can be found on ChesterCountyRamblings


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  1. I hope he gets whats coming to him sooner then later, and I hope I hear about it…

  2. Speaking as someone who used to have livestock at their home…did this man call his neighbor first or call the police first before shooting family pets?? My livestock was in a pen safe away from any person or animal that could have wandered in. That poor family!! Even if this man was acting within his rights it is just not something a normal person does.

  3. This man is a JACKASS !! I really hope he never looses a dog or his sheep ever get out. I just listened to the message he left a friend of his or was a friend. The snicker at the end should tell it all and his comment I just shot two MORE ! dogs tells me this was not the first time. If he is willing to just take out his gun and shoot peoples dogs what else is he capable of doing. The neighbors better watch there kids. This man is a very bad person who is capable of doing many more bad things besides shooting two very loved dogs. Also the township had better get that ruling changed PDQ. But that may not be to easy they have some interesting people in this township. Also they might want to look in to how many sheep he has and how many acres he owns. He could be in violation also. Lets cross our fingers he is. So glad I am not his neighbor.

  4. Burn the idiots bard down with him and his sheep in it, just an asshole with a gun! What a friggin JO!

    • Wow really? Kill a 74 year old shepherd and burn all of his animals and possessions because he was protecting his sheep from dogs. Good to know theres still caring people like you in the world.

  5. Amazing. This is not at all what happened. First off the owners of these dogs have had a large hole in their fence for almost 5 years (I would know since im their neighbor). The dogs have been found at peoples houses over 1 mile away from their home and were ALWAYS roaming chester springs. A few years before this incident, dogs (different dogs) attacked and killed Gabriel’s neighbors’ sheep. The owner wasnt home at the time so Gabriel went over and shot the dogs before they could kill any more of the sheep. So he does have experience with fending off animals that are preparing to attack his sheep. Naturally, he would react the same way when dogs were found inside his FENCED PROPERTY HARASSING HIS SHEEP. They were chasing (NOT HERDING) the sheep around his field when they cornered the sheep near the barn. He saw that he had a good shot and took it. Then he called the police telling them what happened and then called the owners explaining that he had to shoot the dogs. THIS IS SIMPLY A SHEPHERD PROTECTING HIS SHEEP. How can you stretch the story that much?

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