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Selling my home in Chester County with Arleen Pecone

by: Angela Myrtetus

Oh the daunting task of selling a home. Doesn’t matter where you live, it’s scary, emotional and stressful.  Especially when you have three kids and a dog.  There are many parameters that make your home “Sell-Worthy” and the reasons why we fell in love with this house 8 years ago aren’t the same reasons why we wanna stay.  It’s not in a neighborhood and it’s on a main road, however it captures the essence of Chester County living all the same.  When we were searching for that home that would be perfect for us 8 years ago, we were living in Old City.  We were ready for a yard and a big one at that.  When I walked in to my home and looked out the kitchen window onto the big back yard, I pictured myself sitting around a bonfire, having cocktails; exactly how I grew up in Western PA.

The emotional roller coaster of selling your home comes with very difficult learning curves , all the reason why you need a realtor and one that you can trust.  I have been friends with Arleen Pecone for years.  We have worked together, drank a few cocktails together and spent time down the shore together.  It was only natural when I wanted to list that I would list with her.   Yesterday, she scheduled a photo shoot for a virtual tour she is doing on our house and we had a showing at 4:30.  She came over early and helped me stage my home and she also played with my girls while I finished up a few cleaning details.  Arleen goes above and beyond what’s expected of her b/c she truly cares about her clients.  I am so appreciative of what Arleen has given me: Advice, Support, Nurture and Love.

This article isn’t a promotion, but a story about how doing business in Chester County can truly connect you with some amazing people that really care about their jobs.  Everyone says that the East Coast is faced-paced and tough and often times it is, especially when you are driving on the Schuylkill during rush hour; but in the Grand Scheme of things, this area is full of honest, caring and truly amazing people and Arleen Pecone is up there at the top amongst some of the greatest Entrepreneurs in Real Estate!

Arleen Pecone is the boss of her own Real Estate business, HomeYours.com.  Check out her website for her current listings and if you are looking to sell, contact her!  She will walk you through everything you need to do before your house even hits the market!  One tip that I highly recommend!  Don’t list before the home is ready!


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