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Love Cake Pops and Would Love to Make Them at Home?

We all have had the great intention of making the yummy, trendy treats that we see all over the internet, such as cake pops, only to find out that they are not as simple as they look and the optimistic project ends up in the trash instead.

Well, fear no more! Toot Sweet! has taken on the amazing task and simplified it for us all. Diane, the owner, even offers the entire cake pop building kits to take home in her shop. What a relief that is, now you don’t have to stop at multiple locations to get all the supplies needed, all you have to do is call ahead and order your kit.

The sweet Diane from Toot Sweet! wanted us to share this easy to follow cake pop with all of you, at the bottom of the tutorial you will also find some extra helpful  insider tips from her.


Cake Pops



Baked cake


Lollipop sticks

Styrofoam holder



Double boiler



How do you do it?

The Cake!!


  1. Break up baked or reserved cake in a deep bowl. Either use a fork or your hands to break it into small crumbs




2. Add a very small amount of icing-just a small tablespoon. A little will go a long way. Mix it in with your hands as if you are mixing meatballs. You want the baked cake to be moist and hold a ball shape. Too much icing and the pops will not stay on the stick. And more cake if your dough is too loose.  Too little icing and the balls will be crumbly. And a tiny bit more icing until you get a moist but firm consistency.


3. Use a cookie scoop or scale to make your pops a consistent size.









4.Roll scooped amount into a nice round ball—just like rolling meatballs. Place on a tray covered in wax or parchment paper.


Melting your chocolate

  1. If you have a double boiler, fill the bottom pot with about a ½ inch of water.

2. Place on the burner and heat on low until steam starts to rise.

3. Place your chocolate in the top bowl of the double boiler. The tendency is to turn the heat up to melt the chocolate quickly. Do NOT do this. Be patient and just let the chocolate melt slowly. You do not want the water in the bottom pot to boil. It will get the bottom of the top pot too hot and you will scorch your chocolate.

 4. Stir occasionally. The chocolate is ready when it has a thin, smooth consistency.


5. Take your chocolate off the heat but leave the two pots together. The heated water in the bottom pot will keep your chocolate melted.


How do you Dip?

1.  Take the lollipop stick and dip the end of it (about ½ inch) in the melted chocolate. Place it in the rolled ball.


 2. Continue until all the pops have a stick. Let them sit for a few minutes to set the chocolate.


3. Hold pop by the stick and submerge it in the melted chocolate but do not hit the bottom of the pot. Or use a spoon and pour the chocolate over the pop. This step should be done quickly so that the hot chocolate doesn’t deform your pop.



4.  Hold the pop over the pot of chocolate and let the excess run off and gently swing the pop to facilitate the excess to run off. DO NOT tap the pop on the side of the pot, you will knock it off the stick.


 5. When the excess chocolate stops running off, turn the pop upright and gently roll it to smooth it out.


6. If putting sprinkles/sugars or decorations, give it about 20 seconds to start to set up and then spoon the sprinkles on. The weight of the sprinkles will pull the chocolate down if done too early. But won’t stick if you wait too long.










7. Place in the Styrofoam holder to set.

 Diane’s Tips

1. Don’t waste money on a cake pop holder, rather buy a piece of styrofoam board but make sure to keep the plastic on. Make little holes with the cake pop sticks so that you can stand the cake pops in the Styrofoam to cool them. If chocolate drips on the board you can simply wipe it off of the plastic.

 2. Never cool your cake pop dough before dipping them, the cold dough cracks when the warm chocolate comes in contact with it.


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