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Camp K9 Paradise for Paws: Obedience Training Take 1

We have three kids and one crazy pup, Ally-LuLu.  Ally is a Golden Retriever and she is a little over a year old.   About a year before we got Ally, we had to put our beloved Rotty down after 11 years.  Rotty’s are fantastic dogs and did very well with our kids.  That being said, we decided that the next family dog would be the “all-American” family-type dog.  As a family we decided to get a Golden.

We did the research and I raised and trained our last dog by myself, so I really thought I was prepared.  Boy was I wrong.  Golden’s are a COMPLETELY different bread than Rotty’s.  They are hyper beyond words can describe.  Without the proper training, these dogs can truly rule the roost and Ally has done a good job learning how to do what she wants when she wants.

She eats food off the counter, she takes the kids’ toys and shoes and she’s a jumper.  We’ve tried everything to get her to curb the jumping, but nothing was working.

We realized quickly that we needed outside help.  Of course, she went through puppy training at one of the “Chain” pet stores, but we needed more help than that.

Through social media, I started following Camp K9 Paradise for Paws.  I later heard that Jason Morgera, the owner, is THE dog whisperer of Chester County.

Camp K9 Paradise for Paws is located in West Chester on West Chester Pike near Wiggins.  Our first visit to Camp K9 took place when we were moving.  It was the perfect place to leave our dog, Ally for the official “moving day”.   Shortly after that, I made arrangements for Jason to come to our home and give us the first run-down of our crazy-Ally-LuLu!  Below are the videos of that visit.




Our first visit was AMAZING!  Jason was here for about an hour and a half.   He narrows in on the dog’s behavior and their personality and really grabs what the issue is.  It’s really like dog psychology.  He explained to us that her behavior wasn’t a result of her physical needs, but more her mental needs.  She needs mental stimulation on a daily basis.  Even at a semi-relaxed physical state, her mind was still going 1,000 miles a minute.  He was able to help us, first figure out the issues and then give us tips on what to do to lesson her hyper-active behavior.  Of course, we have a lot more work to do with her and I am looking forward to bringing you regular updates on her progress.

If you need help with your pooch, PLEASE contact Jason from Camp K9 Paradise for Paws.

Please note, however, that not all obedience trainers and their methods are right for everyone and every dog.  It’s important to have a consultation and make sure you are comfortable with the techniques each trainer uses.  What is working for us may not work for you and your family.

You can also visit their facebook page to see pictures, get tips and advice and stay updated on what this local facility is up to!

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