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Fitness For Women

Do you feel that the only way to lose weight is through a series of crazy diets, workout routines found online and “diet pills”? Unfortunately, many of these things end in disappointment. Jennifer Maggiore, a certified health and weight loss coach, knows from personal experience that these methods just do not work if you want to lose weight, and keep the weight off for good.

Jen’s life changed when she realized that after 15 years of “yo-yo diets” that weight loss was not just about working out and dieting, it involved an entire change in lifestyle. Her holistic approach to weight loss focuses on long-term health and wellness and uncovering the reasons why each individual is eating wrong.

Once Jen realized how much this improved her own life, she dedicated herself to helping others achieve the same success by forming “Fitness For Women.” She began as a personal trainer, but soon after got certified in nutrition. Her health coaching targets the individual and she forms a personalized plan that works for each client’s lifestyle.

Her current program is 6 months long. Each week is a little different, using trial and error to determine how each individual’s body responds to the different diet changes. This way Jen can figure out the best path for them. The longer program also ensures that these changes will turn into a lifestyle change. This fall she will also start a 60-day program, which will involve more e-mail communication and motivation, making it easier for busy women to life this healthy lifestyle. Although her main focus is health and nutrition coaching, she is also a personal trainer and can help clients with exercise skills and plans.

For women looking for long-term weight loss, education about nutrition, and even help with exercise techniques, “Fitness For Women” may be the answer to your struggles! Jen also does “Trader Joes field trips,” cooking lessons, and even public speaking to help women better themselves and learn to live a healthier, holistic lifestyle.


Visit www.fitness4women.org for more information!


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