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I’d rather hold a tarantula than find another Dentist.

 There are few things that I fear more than the dentist like Spiders. Actually, that could be a tight race because some days I’d rather hold a tarantula, than sit in the chair of doom. One of the most stressful searches for me is the search for a new torturer, I mean Dentist. I know that my deep anxiety doesn’t help the search but feathering through the thousands of reviews is equally as frustrating. You think you found the right match and BOOM, suddenly you read “The office staff is not friendly”. Which, in a crazy anxious  dentist fearing mind, translates as they all hold needles and wont give you an “you’re so brave” pat just as you think thoughts of wanting your mom. So I had been putting off seeing the dentist for a while because all that fear, was too exhausting to try to overcome.

You know how some people say things just happen for a reason? Well ,my crown fell out the other day and it just so happened that I was forced to make a quick judgment call to my sisters dentist, Reardon Dental. I put on my badge of courage and went. I was pleasantly surprised by the open and modern waiting room, there were no overwhelming sounds of drills. The staff was so friendly and even humored my anxiety, they were really all smiling. As a mom, the biggest plus was the entertaining play area that they have for children. You know, the last thing you need when your nerves are on overdrive at the dentist is your child saying ” I wanna go home!”  and you want to reply “ME TOO!”

I was taken to the back and greeted by a very friendly dentist, it was the least intimidating, non judgmental experience I have ever had. My crown was fixed in no time, my other dental care was discussed and I was out of there in less than 20 minutes. I also learned that they have all the specialists in house, which means we don’t have to drive to 3 different places just to get an extraction or braces. Since my first visit, my entire family has been seen by Reardon Dental and the experience has always been nothing short of wonderful. My 9 and 4 year old sons are actually excited to go back in and truthfully, so am I. So if you are looking for a dentist or unhappy with yours please call Reardon Dental. I am so happy I did.


– Kat

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