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“Poopendous” and “The Butt Book”

Ok, so the titles of these books may sound bit alarming, but if you can get past the thought of “I don’t want my kids walking around talking about poop non-stop”, these two books are hilarous and actually educational.

When I read Poopendous to my 6 and 5 year old, it was definitely a moment that I captured for my time capsul. Their giggles were so worth any reluctancy I had. In fact, they haven’t said the word POOP once, but they do LOVE to say “let’s read Poopendous again“!

When you have kids who are young, there is no getting around the fact that they think the word POOP is funny. Yes, we teach them to be polite and I actually encourage my kids to say “toot” over the word “fart, but remembering they are kids is important too. This books allows you to let go of the parenting a bit and join in on the fun, because it’s educational. While my two gigglers had a hard time controlling their laughter, they did pause to ask questions.  For instance, there is a part in the book that discusses, in the ever-so fun rhyming way, how birds actually spread seeds from one point to another by “dropping” them through flight. My 5-year old daughter was so intregged by this that she kept asking more and more questions about it. She just couldn’t believe that birds help followers and plants grow all over the place because of its POOP!

Aside from the ryhming funny and educational words, the illustrations in this book AND “The Butt Book” are amazing. My kids pointed and laughed with the words “look how big that POOP is” flowing out of their mouths.

“Poopendous” is so STUPENDOUS that my kids HIGHLY recommend reading it to YOUR kids!

Something else very exciting to mention: Artie Bennett, “Poopendous” author will be at the Chester County Book Store in West Chester on Sunday, December 8th at 1pm, reading and signing this fabulous book!  If you have little ones to buy for, I would highly recommend this book for Holiday gifts. They can be purchased that day and any day at this LOCALY owned bookstore!

If you buy the book or have it, I would LOVE to share your thoughts with the Author, so please leave your comments here!

I’m sure you will think it’s as “Poopendous” as my family did!

–by Angela Myrtetus

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