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Fenice Creolo: A Phoenixville Restaurant

Living In Chester County, PA is spreading some Christmas magic by offering free advertorials to help support small businesses. We asked our followers on our Facebook page to submit a story or a business that they would love us to feature.  This week, we received a great submission from one of our readers about Fenice Creolo, a restaurant in Phoenixville.

This is what she had to say: “They are an amazing restaurant. Tom Mastronardo and his wife Olivia treat everyone like family and have worked with me in terms of specific food adaptions I need for food allergies. Their restaurant is fantastic and most importantly they really great people. Everyone who works there is friendly and just overall good people. It is a hidden gem in Chester County.”

Shortly after her submission, we received an email from the owner, Tom Mastrodardo. The story he told me is exactly why we support local businesses. First, they are a fairly new restaurant. They took over the former spot, Epicurean, which had a bar and obviously, a liquor license. People in the Phoenixville area frequented that spot because of the bar.  Unfortunately, for Tom and his wife, Olivia, they worked very hard at making ends meet over the summer while waiting to obtain their liquor license! They are finally starting to get more foot traffic now that the long nine months of this wait is over. The bar is OPEN and they are back in full force!

They have great happy hour specials, an ever-expanding craft beer list, Philly sports specials, an exceptional wine list and food that can be categorized as comfort.  And as our reader pointed out, great chefs that can appease to food special food allergies.

When you are out and about in the Phoenixville area, we hope that you give this new restaurant a try and continue to go back. We are a community that thrives on these locally owned businesses and it’s up to you to ensure they remain open and serving the local people!

To find out more about their hours, specials and menu, please visit their Facebook page and Website!



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