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Chester County Preschool – Do You Really Need It?

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with everything you think you should do for your kids in Chester County, PA? Birthday parties – throwing them AND attending to every last birthday party your kids are invited to; three-year old dance classes, soccer for 18 month olds? The list goes on and on!

Preschool in Chester County is one of those activites that have many parents on the fence. At what age should you begin? How much should you spend and how many days a week are too much?

I have three kids and all three went and are going to Kesher Israel Preschool and Kindergarten. And, we aren’t Jewish. Just this morning, my eight-year old son, Evan, brought up a few memories of his time in preschool over breakfast. The day when I have to finally depart from this school literally makes me want to cry. (Sometimes I even have thoughts of having more kids just so I don’t have to leave, officially… then I quickly smack myself)

For one Chester County mom, Whitney Winegard, there was no question. She says: “Both of my boys went through Kesher’s preschool program and we adored our time there and still miss it! I can’t say enough about the teachers and all of the staff there; it’s such a nurturing and comfortable place to leave your child when they are small. We also made some amazing friendships there – my oldest (11 years old now!) is about to go off to a new school next fall & has a buddy he made at Kesher when he was 2. We still keep in touch and they will be in the same Homeroom together! It’s nice to be able to have those connections thanks to our time at Kesher all those years ago. We also still hang regularly socially with many Kesher families. It’s just a great community & environment.”

For many moms, this is the first opportunity to meet other moms and families with kids the same age as yours. When you are busy and this is your first child, it can be very lonely and very difficult to meet other people. There is no better place in Chester County to meet other families than Kesher. It immediately feels like home. You feel understood, and comfortable the very first day you step into those doors. Kesher Israel Preschool and Kindergarten isn’t just for your kids, it’s for you too.

The sooner you can begin these bonds, the better. And at Kesher, the toddler group and two-year old programs are perfect! Not a huge commitment and the price really can’t be beat! Their toddler group allows children to play, dance, create and explore with others their age – perfect for much-needed socialization. This also gives parents the opportunity to chit chat and get to know one another. Every Thursday morning from 9:15-10:45am, our one and two year olds fill the room with so much laughter. Each child needs to be accompanied by an adult and be one by 9/30/15.

Another option for the younger tikes is the two-year old programs. This is where each of my children started. Not only did my children meet lasting friendships in this class, but so did I. My son, Evan, just hung out with his best buddy from this two-year old program over the weekend for the first time in about two years and they spent a ton of fun “catching up”.

Your child gets to learn through play. They learn how to interact positively with other children, which grows their confidence and molds them into little independent learners. They get messy with LOTS of art, dancing and play! They develop their muscles in their large indoor and outdoor play areas. Children must be two by 9/30/15.


If you are looking to get involved, meet new moms and give your child an experience that will truly last a lifetime, Living In Chester County HIGHLY recommends Kesher Israel Preschool and Kindergarten.


If you have children in the three, four, five year-old age groups, check them out too! They even have a full-day kindergarten! For more information and pictures, check out our website, www.kesher-israel.org, call us at 610-696-4457 or email gaild@kesher-israel.org. Our school is non-denominational and open to the public. Spaces are limited so call to schedule an appointment today! Make sure to visit their Facebook Page too!


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-By, Angela Myrtetus – Follow me on Twitter: @angelamyrt

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