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Take More Pictures!!

This week has been a sad one. Tanya Benetatos lost her battle to cancer. Cancer is a beast. The morning I found out that Tanya had passed, I was getting ready to go on my first 10-mile run with Team CMMD. The days that followed were filled with saddness and laughter remembering Tanya’s spirit and full-of-life ways.

Something I have learned over this week, however, is that we don’t take enough pictures. I know – it’s kind of hard to believe with all the selfies and picture-posting we do on social media, but it dawned on me that our pictures are all we have left of those memories of our dear friends and family. I learned of this while helping one of Tanya’s best friends go through pictures for her funeral. There didn’t seem to be enough of Tanya.

I hear so often from people that they don’t like to have their picture taken and posted anywhere. While I understand someone’s privacy on social media, try to remember your loved ones when you say no to a picture. If the unfortunate day comes, and your friends and family have few pictures to remember you by, it’s tough.

So my friends, take more pictures. Not for you, but for those around you who will need those memories when you aren’t here anymore. Sometimes the pictures you hate worst hold a very special memory for someone else.

-Angela Myrtetus


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