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West Chester, PA Full-Day Kindergarten – Kesher Israel

Kesher Israel Preschool and Kindergarten

For parents struggling with the decision to send their children to full-day kindergarten or half-day kindergarten, we wanted to give you a sneak peak into Kesher Israel Preschool and Kindergarten! A program that we stand by 100%. Centerally located between West Chester and Exton, transportation is provided for full-day kindergarten students and is staffed with some of the most geniune and caring people in Chester County, PA. Like their Facebook Page and visit their website for more information!

So, what can you expect from Kesher Israel Kindergarten? 

The Kindergarten year will be one of growth and change due to the learning that your child experiences throughout the various “hands-on” activities that children encounter daily.  Our full-day Kindergarten format will allow your child the time necessary to work on “social” as well as “academic” skills.  As with any program, the development of the child’s self-esteem is key to their success.  Kesher Israel Kindergarten provides an atmosphere that gently encourages children to explore, experiment and take risks in terms of decision making without the threat of failure.

An extremely vital aspect of the curriculum deals with socialization.  Through the use of a learning center approach as well as free play situations, the children are expected to learn how to follow classroom routine, manage their time, and seek help when needed and attempt to resolve conflicts in an appropriate manner.  Learning how to be a part of a group in a classroom atmosphere is crucial to each child’s success in school.  The teacher acts as a facilitator, setting the environment, noting where changes need to be made, and getting involved with an event when the child seeks out the teacher and/or a problem requires intervention to prevent harm to a child.  The teacher models conflict resolutions strategies for children, which in turn teaches children problem solving skills.  This component of the curriculum is very important.


A vast portion of our kindergarten curriculum is devoted to building reading readiness skills through a whole language approach.  As always, we are continuing to update our current curriculum by attending workshops and conferences.  At the Kindergarten level we concentrate on phonemic awareness, linguistics, and reading comprehension.  A complete copy of our curriculum and how it relates to the PA State Standards is in our preschool / kindergarten office for your review.

We often base our lessons on various themes.  For instance, the reading readiness activity for the week might revolve around a book that deals with recycling.  The teacher will preview illustrations with the children as well as call on prior knowledge and predict story endings.  They will learn correct book handling skills, and apply concepts of print on simple text (title, book parts, words and text).  Then, out of the information learned from the book, science activities can be set up, perhaps a math activity, or an interactive homework assignment, where they share their class mates what they recycle in their house or create a graph separating plastic from glass.

The children will work on math skills using a learning center approach, small group work, and whole class activities using manipulatives.  In addition, repetitive practice of concepts will be achieved through the use of worksheets and/or computer games.  Again, literature can also be used to enumerate characters/animals in a story, and computational skills can be used to determine how many of an animal appeared in the story, while children sort and classify objects in a story.

Our curriculum also covers letter recognition and the corresponding sounds that each letter makes.  The children will use visual clues and apply letter sound correspondence.  We will utilize stories, poems, and word lists generated by the children, collage pictures, Project Read and various other formats to achieve knowledge of the alphabet.  Extra puzzles and fun activities for children (such as circling a certain letter in the newspaper, looking at familiar store signs, cereal boxes, or going on a letter hunt) help reinforce alphabet recognition.

Science topics will often be discussed through literature to gain information encouraging the children to become keen observers.  Children will explore and collect items, report their findings and record their observations as part of their daily activities.


Visual perception activities will be designed to have children talk about similarities and differences, replicate what they see (drawing or building), determine patterns, reproduce patterns and sequence events in a logical order.

Auditory perception builds skills to identify environmental sounds, repeat clapping patterns, as well as note differences in loudness, differences in beat (fast/slow), and pitch (high/low).

Gross motor skills are a part of the daily schedule.  Specific skill development activities as well as free time (recess) are scheduled regularly.

Each day the children will use their fine motor skills in a variety of ways.  Fine motor skills are incorporated into each of the learning centers in the classroom.  This is presented through handwriting and art activities.   Art activities may be open-ended, while others may be more process oriented to teach children how to follow step by step instructions.  The children use various media for their artwork and always have the opportunity to create their own art.  Throughout the room there are many educational materials that strengthen this area.

Music and Movement is another facet of the curriculum.  The children are exposed to multicultural music, classical, rock and children’s recording artists.  Instruments will be used from time to time.



Kesher Israel Congregation Kindergarten’s full day format affords the luxury of providing a well-rounded curriculum.  It enables the students to complete activities at a more relaxed pace.  The atmosphere is one of emergent literacy, excitement, active learning and respect for all individuals.  Kesher Israel Congregation Kindergarten uses a multi-faceted approach (project oriented, discussion oriented, individual as well as group assignments, and learning centers.)  This approach to educating the children provides the opportunity for each child to be viewed as an individual and allows for maximum growth.

If you would like to tour the school, visit http://www.kesher-israel.org/preschoolandK or contact Gail at: 610-696-4457 or email: gaild@kesher-israel.org

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