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Winter Is Coming – Get Prepared Early

Unless you live under a rock, you know there is a winter storm on its way. How much snow we will get isn’t clear – is it ever? Regardless of how much we get this weekend, the easy winter we’ve had thus far may have given you a false sense of security. Have you taken the time to put together a winter storm safety plan so that you’re prepared for the worst?

Obviously, the safest way to ride out a storm is in your home. But, is your home prepared? There are a number of things you should consider when it comes to your heating systems during significant winter storms.  Thanks to James Brown Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we are sharing 4 Tips to ensure your home is prepared for this weekend’s storm.

  1. Make sure if you are using oil or propane to check the levels and that you are not running now. It may be difficult for deliveries to be made in inclement weather. 
  1. Be sure to keep blowing, drifting or even accumulating snow CLEAR from your outdoor heat pump. The defrost cycle will melt some snow, but heavy accumulations like they are expecting will definitely be a little excessive and should be kept clear.
  1. Folks with PVC vent systems for heating systems or hot water heaters – these pipes MUST BE FREE AND CLEAR of snow and debris to prevent the furnace from shutting down. If you notice ice building up on the pipe that does NOT have the steam coming out, keep it clear or it will cause your furnace to shut down due to insufficient air.
  1. If you are fortunate to have a generator, make sure you are prepared in the event of a power outage by having a supply of gas (if necessary) and have it nearby! 

After you’ve taken these steps to make sure your home is prepared for warm and comfort throughout the storm, here are some other ways to be prepared:

  • Keep your cell phone charged whenever winter weather threatens, and keep your charger handy.
  • Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas and is in safe working order.
  • Prepare for power outages by stocking up on food items that don’t need to be cooked. Place zip lock bags full of water in the freezer.
  • Be sure to have batteries and flashlights, candles and lighters handy.
  • For fun – be sure you know the location of all snow boots, heavy-duty gloves and mittens, hates and LOTS of hot chocolate!

Now of course, we’ve published this blog so now there will be a light dusting.

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If you aren’t sure your home is ready for winter storms or if you have an emergency with your heating system, we HIGHLY recommend James Brown Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. These guys are the best and are always available. They go above and beyond for their customers. We can’t say enough about this company! Like their Facebook page for even more tips! Click on their logo to schedule a tune-up or call them if you have an emergency! (610) 873-0622




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