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Jason Myrtetus Sounds Off On What Really Happened During Last Night’s Flyers Game.

Jason Myrtetus from 97.5 The Fanatic gives his honest and open opinion about last night’s Flyers game. The good, the bad and the ugly… and everything in between –


Another Black Eye for Philadelphia???

Well, we have a hot button and topical issue after last night. The Philadelphia sports fan in more ways than one, showed its ugly side.

Let’s point out three different levels of Neanderthal fandom. But first, full disclosure – By no means am I saying the majority of the fan base was out of line. This is an overly-present minority that paints the canvas for an entire fan base.

#1 –  Let’s begin with the ceremony  to honor Ed Snider. After the stirring and very well put together video tribute, the time for a moment of silence took place. A couple of knuckleheads thought it was a good time to yell “F the Penguins”. Of course, we all know the week earlier during the Pittsburgh game, Penguins fans did something similar. The fact that even one fan thinks that is the time or place to yell something like that is disturbing.

#2 – The injured player, Brooks Orpik. Fans in the building gave the disrespecting cheer of an injured player. Yet another shining example of the Philadelphia sports fans emulating the stereotype.

#3 – And as if that was not bad enough, the fans began throwing the bracelets onto the ice. This was a part of the pregame ceremony to honor Ed Snider. Beyond the fact that objects on the ice is extremely dangerous for the players on the ice, it is the act of petulant children that is most disturbing.

I get the fans spent a good amount of hard earned money on the tickets. I get they didn’t feel like they got what they paid for. But for the small portion of meathead fans to act in this manner is pathetic and embarrassing. These are the same idiots that complain about the perception of the Philadelphia sports fan, yet they fulfill the prophecy and stereotype.

The fact that fans are justifying these actions is even more embarrassing. To blame the team for giving out an item that could be thrown on the ice is PATHETIC.  I thought this was a smart and educated fan base. The actions of this minority is proof positive that we are NOT an intelligent fan base. At least not all of us.

If we were an intelligent fan base, we would know and understand that the Flyers are outclassed in this series against the Stanley Cup Favorite team. These are the same people that said the matchup was favorable for the Flyers to draw the Caps in the first round. If you said that and believed it, then you clearly saw the Caps play four times this season and only when they played the Flyers. You didn’t see what the Capitals were throughout the long NHL season. An educated fan base would know the strength of this Caps team and not project an unrealistic expectation upon the team. When you have these unrealistic expectations you get what happened last night.  It accelerates the  notion of failure and that’s why fans act out in anger. It is good to hope for the dream scenario, but just be careful to keep expectations in order – The actual game and what went wrong

The Flyers season and great run to even make the playoffs has now been tarnished and ruined. Based on what happened in this first round debacle against the Caps, the seasons and futures of Steve Mason, Claude Giroux, Jake Voracek and others is now looked upon as utter failure. This Flyers team came into the playoffs completely shot. They exhausted all their energy just to get in. The fact that Mason was used so much over the last month has left him with an empty tank. The fact that they are up against the best team in the NHL is of no concern to the fan base because the Flyers look really bad in comparison to the opponent. The fact that this  team went on the run they did to make the playoffs was a feat unto itself. Now all of that will be forgotten and the team and many of the players will be looked at in a negative light. This is a process of improving. The Flyers have a long way to go before being a true Stanley Cup contender. They lack the amount of skilled players. They lack the depth, the defense and much more. Some of us knew that. Yeah Giroux has not done well in the playoffs, no one on the team has.

Steve Mason has not been great in the playoffs. All of the good faith the team built up in just making the playoffs is gone. This Flyers season was a success and no matter what happens on Wednesday night, that cannot be changed. We will hear the trade Giroux knuckleheads. We will hear the “we need a legit starting goalie idiots”. What the Flyers need, in actuality, is to stick to the plan. Remain patient and build this team the right way. Not to overreact to a playoff series where they are clearly outclassed by a legit Cup-winning team in the Caps. Is the fan base smart enough to realize that? A portion of us, yes. But overall this fan base will be less patient and outraged. You know for a supposedly smart fan base, some of the constituents seem to contradict that on a daily basis.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments section.


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