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Saying Good-Bye To Preschool – Why Is It So Hard?

Earlier this year, the director at Kesher Israel Preschool, Gail DeMarco shared an article with me that was published in The Washington Post. It was about how a 4-year old changed her mother’s perspective on her own faith. When I read this article, I related 100%.

me and reiyln

For the last seven years, I’ve walked the halls of Kesher while all three of my kids attended school. I knew nothing of the Jewish religion and despite my husband being Catholic and my Presbyterian upbringing, it didn’t deter us away from our children attending this school.

Kesher Israel Preschool is so much more than a faith or religion – and this is why it’s so hard to say good-bye. It has been my safe haven and a place my children spent their toddler years in. What my kids have gained from this school is so much more than a religion alone could have given them. They learned how to sing in Hebrew, they are in LOVE with Challah bread (I don’t know where I’m going to buy this when we leave – no other Challah bread compares) and the most important attribute – they learned compassion. Compassion that came from interaction with friends, the art of sharing, how to clean up after themselves and how to be responsible for their actions. They learned all of this through play, structure and love.

On June 2nd, I will say good-bye as my third child will attend her commencement ceremony. I will likely be the only mom sobbing in that room, but what the other parents who will be sitting around me that night won’t know is this –

During the seven years that we’ve been connected with Kesher, we’ve gone through a lot. Job losses, unneeded drama and the loss of a parent. The people who work at Kesher have always been there to support us through our hardships and I honestly can say, I don’t know how I would have gotten through all of that without them.

To me, Kesher Israel Preschool is more than just a place to send your kids to learn and grow, it’s also a place to grow as an adult. To be accepting of other people’s beliefs, to understand how to let your little ones go and become independent, to make lasting friendships and  a place to feel safe.

I’ll end this blog with a song that my 4-year old sings constantly – a song that she learned to sing this year while attending Kesher. I think it describes the school perfectly.  (FULL DISCLOSURE – I couldn’t get through this blog without crying)

Funga alifia

Ashe, ashe

Funga alifia

Ashe, ashe

I welcome you into, into my heart, I welcome you into, into my heart

Funga alifia

Ashe, ashe

Funga alifia

Ashe, ashe

Our hearts are full

Our friendship true

With peace and love

We welcome you

Learn more about Kesher Israel Preschool by contacting Gail DeMarco directly – gaild@kesher-israel.org . Please tell her I sent you! They will welcome you into their hearts!

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