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The Challenge of School Academics & How I Survived! Fick Educational Services

When you’re a parent of a 1st and/or 2nd grader, there is no pain like seeing your kid suffer through academics and hyperactivity.

I knew that going into 3rd grade was going to be a challenge for my son, Evan. The struggles I faced in 1st and 2nd grade, which involved a lack of focus during homework assignments, crying, banging-on-the-table frustrated, and being easily distracted resulted in multiple meetings with school personnel. From those meetings, a trip to the pediatrician and prescription for ADHD medication seemed like the only answer. No parent wants to hear that your child has AHDH, nor do they want to put their kid on drugs. After two weeks, we threw the entire bottle away. This was certainly not the answer. I knew it, my husband knew it and more importantly, Evan knew it.

Evan had a terrible time focusing on tasks and being organized. He had a hard time communicating what his assignments were and his penmanship was near illegible. Google was my best friend and we worked really hard that first half of 3rd grade. He made improvements, but I knew he needed more than what I was able to give him and despite everything the school was doing to help, it was time to seek outside therapy. I decided to check out Fick Educational Services in West Chester. In January of this year, he started tutoring there once a week. When he began, his comprehension scores were in the 50’s and 40’s. Now, nearing the end of 3rd grade, his test scores have improved greatly. He’s now bringing home 80’s and 90’s and he couldn’t be happier or more proud of himself. It’s awesome to see him come home with a new test score with confidence he didn’t have in previous years. There are things that don’t come as easy to him as they do for his peers and he knows he will always have to work harder. Knowing Fick Educational Systems is there to help support him is the biggest stress reliever I’ve had in a long time.

What I love most about Fick Educational Services is that they do so much more than tutoring. Cris Fick, the owner of Fick Educational Systems is also an advocate. And if you’re like me searching for answers everywhere, Google isn’t always the best place to turn when trying to find solutions on how to help your children progress. Cris is always a phone call or a text a way. Her passion shines through every time I talk to her.

As the school year ends, if you’ve experienced some of the same hardship as we did, I highly recommend contacting Cris! This summer, Fick Educational Services is packed full of fun and educational programs. BUT, if you decide to take the summer off to take a breather, I would not hesitate to try Fick Educational Services the minute school starts again. I wish I started earlier than waiting until January his 3rd Grade year. In fact, my daughter will begin as soon as her 3rd grade year starts!

I am also continuing with the tutoring every other week over the summer. Evan LOVES his tutor, so this isn’t something that I will have to twist his arm to go throughout the summer. If you feel your child could use a little brain action, get started this summer! Or check out some of the other opportunities!  And, of course, tell them Living In Chester County or Angela Myrtetus sent you! You’ll be so glad you called! Check out this happy face:


Summer Programs at Fick Educational Services:

Themed Summer Camp

Camp Believe 2 Achieve

Study Skills Camp

Check them out online: http://fickeducation.com

Good luck and please feel free to message the Living In Chester County Facebook page if you have any questions! I’ll be so very happy to help!


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