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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Chester County Athletes Compete in Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Chester County is represented well in Rio at the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Not one, not two, but THREE Chester County Athletes will be competing for Team USA.

Phillip Dutton (56) a well seasoned athlete, is Team USA’s oldest competetor this time around.  He will competing in Eventing, in which the horse and rider are taken through obsticals and controlled movements.  Age and experience are an advantage here.

Dutton is an Australian transplant.  He is highly decorated and competed in 1996 and 2000 for Australia, winning a gold each time.  He became a citizen of the United States in 2006 and joined team USA in 2008.  He trains at True Prospect Farm in West Grove.

Boyde Martin (37), also from Australia is a born competitor.  His mother, Toy, and Father, Ross, met competing at the 1968 Winter Olympics.  His passion for riding (he also competes in Eventing) is shared by his wife, Silva, a Grand Prix Dressage Rider.  The two moved to the U.S. together in 2007 and originally trained out of Dutton’s farm.

W0rking and competing together for 9 years, Martin and Dutton are extremely close.  Martin has even called Dutton a “father figure” to himn for helping with his transition to the states.  They both share the challenges of moving far from home to pursue their dreams and even survived a barn fire together!  The two went back into a burning buiding to rescue Martin’s four star horse, Neville Bardos.

And, last but not least…

At four years old, prior to even learning to swim, Cierra Runge (20) told her parents that she wanted to be an olympic swimmer.  Crazy right?!

Born in West Chester and now out of Cochranville, Cierra is a Freestyle specialist just finishing her Freshman year at University of California, Berkely.  She comes from the North Baltimore Aquatic club – the very same that produced Michael Phelps, Felicia Lee and Annie Zhu.  So young and so talented!

Chester County is happy to be called home to these two competitors-good luck guys!

2016 Summer Olympic TV schedule

Go Team USA!

About Jennifer Worthington Lower

Jennifer is a Wife, Mother of 4, Writer, Small Business Owner, Social Media Enthusiast, Coffee Lover and life long resident of Chester County.


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