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Back to School
What does Back to School time look like for your family?

Back to School

It’s the time of year when we send our kids off on the big yellow school bus to learn and play all day long.  It’s Back to School time!

You will read articles and posts galore about the Back to School rush, the best ice pack for lunch boxes, the coolest gear for your kiddo, how to make a fresh start, etc.  This post is about Back to School from a Momma’s point of view.

For me, this is a bittersweat time.  I love that my children love school.  They thrive on interaction with their peers and truly enjoy learning (for now…).  I am always excited to get back into a routine, but part of me dreads that they must venture into the world without me.  You gotta let them spread their wings and learn by doing, but MAN is it hard sometimes!

For most of their lives, I worked full-time outside the home and I missed out on summer fun.  I was fortunate to have my Mom and Mother-in-Law to watch them so that they still got to take it easy and make memories.  This was my second summer home with all of them, and while challenging sometimes, it was also really nice to take it easy and do things on our own time.

My two oldest started school yesterday and to make the day special, I got up early and made pancakes for breakfast.  They ask for pancakes all the time and we don’t do it enough.  We took the obligatory chalkboard pictures in front of the house in several different poses and I made rice crispy treats for after-school snack.  Their grandmother even made Tacos for dinner because her homemade taco sauce is one the few things they (almost) all like.

I wasn’t really anticipating my younger two having such a hard time adjusting.  They spent much of the morning asking where their brother and sister were and when it would be time to go to the bus stop.  I tried to do some “school stuff” with my 1 and 3 year old to make it seem like they were starting school, too.  We attempted letter recognition/play with letter magnets on a baking tray.  It lasted for all of 5 minutes.

I would not say that we have traditions yet, but I’m working on it.  Instead, I asked some local moms what the first day of school looks like for their families and what traditions they may have or events that they look forward to.

This year, Michelle Rebar is sending her oldest son to Kindergarten.  No traditions yet, but “I’m probably going to cry hysterically for a few days before and worry about my baby the second he steps on that bus.”  I think we can all relate, am I right?

Lauren Bachner, a homeschooling mom, says “I get excited about all the new goals I’ll see my daughter reach during our school year. Goals we’ll reach together. Homeschooling is so rewarding!

We [also] love to do apple picking at Highland Orchards as our very first field trip of the year. And of course we have to take an apple cider donut break after we pick apples and before we play on their playground!”

Lauren Larison says, “I’m definitely looking forward to knowing what day it is again-getting back to a routine and schedule will be great. I also bake a special after school treat for the first day of school. My mom always did that for me and I always thought it was extra special so now I do it for my boys!”

Keri Barcus has 4 children, just like myself.  She says, “If I had one or two kids, I’d be happy to indulge with a mom day! But I still have two more at home — so that will keep me busy. I am looking forward to the routine and watching them learn and grow. We, of course, make pancakes the first day and take too many pictures.

We start each school day with me praying over the kids – for their safety and for them to be loving to others.  On the first day, we pray for the teachers specifically!  Bless those teachers!”
What does Back to School time look like for your family?

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