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Personal Training Turned Into More Than Just a Job – Devin Gage


My name is Devin Gage and I’ve seen every area there is to see in the Fitness industry. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

That’s the reason I created Gage Strength Training and the reason we have a strict set of values for the people that we work with, the culture we’ve created and the experience we provide.

I started my career as a personal trainer at a commercial gym. This is where I discovered my passion for fitness and changing people’s lives but also where I saw the dark side of the “gym business”.

More often than not, commercial gyms are strictly numbers driven; treating people like dollar signs, and being so quota-driven that the results and experience that members have falls below in priority to profit.

When I graduated from college and my daughter Kadynce was born, I knew I had to break away from the toxic environment in the commercial gym and create something meaningful… This is where Gage Strength Training was created.

Gage Strength Training was created to be exemplify all the values I hold sacred to myself, and to be the example that I wanted my daughter to follow growing up. You see, I am a single father and Kadynce’s mother and I have chosen very different paths in our lives.

My daughter’s Mother and I hold very different values and beliefs about the way our daughter should be raised, as well as how live our lives in general. Since I have custody of my daughter 50% of the time, I needed to make sure that my 50% counted for double in the values that I hold and the message that she sees every single day.

Gage Strength Training was born out of exemplifying those values.

At Gage we value being strong. Inside and out so I filled our gym with strong women. Gage Strength Training’s membership consists of 75% women. These women value strength, not only physically in the exercises they perform but in their personal lives.

At Gage we understand that we acquire the challenges that we overcome, and by overcoming physical challenges and pushing ourselves to new levels every single day we know that transcends out of the gym and into our daily lives.

The women of Gage commit to marathons, obstacle course races and strength competitions everyday- something that these women never thought was possible before joining our community.

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Strength is much more than the muscles we build, but it is ALL the resistance that we overcome; physical, mental and symbolic.

Community Service

At Gage, and personally we value community service, so I created a culture that has committed to volunteering and community service each month. Community service is something that’s incredibly important to me, and our motto at Gage is that we “Use our strength to serve”.

Each month we have committed to raising money through charity bootcamps, doing volunteer work through our GST Serves group and even our daily Facebook “Check-ins” donate to meaningful charities! Our commitment to community service has made a difference in thousands of lives in the Chester County area, which the impact of this will last for years to come.

This commitment to our local community makes being a part of Gage being a part of something bigger than yourself and bigger than just getting in great shape.

Gage’s Commitment to service has helped dozens of local charities through hours of volunteering, hundreds of lbs of food raised with our food drives and even providing Christmas gifts for local children in need!

Our charity bootcamps and fundraisers have raised thousands for organizations like SHiNE Foundation, Domestic Violence Center or Chester County and Hope For Helm.

Holistic Approach to your health.

Gage takes a holistic approach to your fitness, and works with you on every step of your journey.

We look at more than just sets, reps and caloric intake. Just like most things, there’s more to your fitness results than most people think.

Making healthy changes in your life, and seeing great results in the gym takes more than the saying “eat less, move more”, in fact, following this overly simplified advice given by entry-level personal trainers is more than likely going to get you hurt!

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The “eat less, move more” philosophy typically leads to under nourishing your body (not getting enough calories), and overtraining to the point of injury. Eat less, move more is telling people that you if burn more calories than you ingest, you’ll lose weight.

Which is true, sort of. The science shows that yes, if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you WILL lose weight.

But the truth it, your body doesn’t let that happen so easily.

You have what’s called a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which means that simply to function properly your body needs a certain number of calories (this number is determined by your height, weight, muscle mass and several factors.

So for example, if your BMR is 1200 calories, that means that if you laid in bed all day and didn’t move that your body would still burn 1200 calories. That’s simply from your eyes blinking, brain thinking, digestion working, heart beating, fingernails and hair growing, and literally all the bodily functions happening under the surface.

So, technically, if you eat less than 1200 calories per day you should lose weight, right? Technically, yes… But it’s not that simple.

You see, your body is designed to match your input to your output. This means that when you eat fewer calories than you BMR for a period of time your body will eventually say “Ok, we’re o only getting 1,000 calories per day.

Let’s slow down our heart rate, hair growth and digestive function and our metabolism in order to preserve energy”. 

Think of it this way; If you had a job making $100,000 per year, you would have no problem spending $75,000 in expenses because you’d still have plenty in savings! But let’s say you lose that job and your salary gets taken down to $50,000 per year… Now you can’t spend $75,000 can you? Your spending (output) lowers to match what your income (input) is.

Your body functions the exact same way… So when you decrease calories and move more, your body slows everything down.

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Long story short, it’s never as simple as “eat less, move more” and we don’t approach our program this way.

At Gage, we look at your lifestyle as a whole. How are you sleeping? Is your job stressful? How active are you outside of the gym? Are you drinking enough water? How often are you using electronics?

These are the typical questions you’ll hear when we want to work on changing your fitness, because your body needs far more than simply calories in calories out.

Humans are complex, and it takes a holistic and personalized approach to changing habits and behaviors in humans. This is the way that Gage approaches your fitness.

With every membership, you’ll receive a comprehensive 1 on 1 assessment where we’ll talk about your health history, injuries, and what you’ve done in the past as well as a 1 on 1 Nutrition Consulting appointment where we’ll talk about your lifestyle, the foods you enjoy, and what change you can make in order to make realistic and long term changes.

Supportive Community

At Gage we value community. One of my favorite research studies to reference is one where researchers took people to a hill and asked them to rate the grade of a hill by asking them how steep they thought it was.

One group went to the hill by themselves and rated how steep it seemed, and the other group went with a friend. Across the board, the research showed that the people who did this experiment with a friend claimed they viewed the hill as less steep than when the participants did it alone.

Having a strong community makes any challenge seem less difficult. At Gage we make sure that we provide an all-inclusive, and supportive environment for every person that walks through our doors.

Every person that enters this gym becomes family to me, and is immediately entered into our culture with open arms. We have a strict “no jerks allowed” policy, and several times have we been forced to ask members to leave who violate our values and standards we’ve set. Our community is incredibly important to us, and it’s because of it that our members have accomplished amazing feats.

We have members signing up for obstacle course races, strength competitions and other fitness events that never would have done so if they were on their own… The challenge would have seemed “too steep”, and just like the steepness of the hill, everything seems more manageable when you’re with a friend. You can count on finding a friend here at Gage to handle any challenge that you’re faced with.

Gage Strength Training is not your normal gym, and being a part of our community is bigger than joining a gym. You’re joining an organization that’s driven by a set of values. Being a part of Gage is committing yourself to taking a holistic approach to your health, to serving our local community, to support the people and community around you and embrace becoming strong inside and out.

If you feel like the values that we hold align with yours, we want to invite you and a friend to our Bring A Buddy special. If you and a friend join our 21 Day Jump Start program, you’ll both get 50% off… Take a look at the challenge ahead of you, realize that you have a friend by your side and approach it with confidence. Contact us today!

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