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Living In Chester County, PA Partnership

Partnering with the team at Living In Chester County gives you and your business the opportunity to reach a valuable and very lucrative audience. Chester County’s demographics is made up of:

  • Total Population in 2014 – 512,784
  • Female – 50%
  • People 65 years and older – 14.5%
  • People under 18 years old – 23.5%
  • $88K household income

Our partners share educational content with our readers. This isn’t a “shove-down-your-throat” hard sell. We don’t believe in that “disruptive” form of marketing and our readers don’t like it either. What they want is to learn something they didn’t know before. We want to be your voice on educating the residents of Chester County about solutions and problems you solve.

The other, most important factor is TRUST! Our readers trust our word. Our team is very well connected in Chester County, so not only do we value or partners here, we also become vested in our partners and share with our own network of families, friends and colleagues. We do our due diligence before we sign on a new partner and start promoting that partner with our network. While you do have to spend money to become an LICC partner, we don’t just let anyone join.

Social Media Following:

    • Likes: 10,700 with a growth of average of 100 new likes per week
    • Average Post Reach: 3,500 – (meaning on average, each post reaches 3,500 people)
    • Weekly Reach 50,000 +
    • Women 70% (primary decision makers) | Men 20%
    • Followers: 2,036 with a growth average of 20 new followers per week.
    • Average Impressions per tweet: 300
    • Average engagement per tweet: 35
  • Website stats:
    • 2,000 unique website visits per week
    • 10,, page views per week

Some points to make about how we’ve shifted as consumers and how make a decision to buy products or use services:

The more content we share about your business, the more it positions you as a thought-leader in your industry, plus boosts your website’s ranking in search engines. Our content isn’t about sharing a promotion, it isn’t about doing the “hard sell” to our visitors. People don’t want to be sold to – they want to be educated. As consumers, we do our research first, before we ever pick up the phone. Our new word of mouth – social media and reviews. The more you have someone backing your product or talking positively about your business, the more people will recognize your brand and the solutions you offer!

Here’s a quick breakdown on how consumers do their research and the questions they ask during each stage in a buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness: (searching these questions online to find out more about their problem)
      • My toilet isn’t flushing like it used to, why is that? 
      • My car doesn’t have power going up a hill.
      • What is my house worth today?
  • Consideration: (starting to figure out what companies provide solutions to their problem)
      • What plumbing companies are near me and do they service emergency requests?
      • Do the car mechanics near me offer loaner cars if i have to leave my car at the shop?
      • What realtors in my area offer a free home evaluation?
  • Decision: (realizing they can’t fix it themselves and/or they need to talk to someone more about their problems)
    • Referrals for Plumbing companies in my area.
    • Who has the best customer care service for car repair in Westtown Township?
    • Set up an appointment with a local real estate agent.


When you have a better understanding on how your target market goes through their decision making process, you can better develop content that will help steer them to you at each stage. This is how we help our partners create amazing content that delivers results.

Our partners also benefit from:

  • Sponsored social media updates through Living In Chester County’s social media platforms
  • Live Facebook interviews at your business through LICC’s Facebook business page
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Website Ads – blogs, side bar, home page

Want to learn more about how we can customize a package perfect for your budget? Email us today!  livinginchescopa@gmail.com

Other small business services we offer our partners:

Website Design and Strategy – A website design can be pretty, but does it serve a purpose? This is where it all begins. Your website needs to WORK for you! Are you gaining leads? Are your visitors confused as to what it is you do? Is it mobile-friendly? Are you ranking in search engines? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, or if the answer is no – let’s talk!

Social Media Strategy and Advertising – Social media evaluations.  Social media advertisements (creating the graphics, ad content and strategy & placing the ads either through Living In Chester County’s Facebook or Twitter account or through your own). Social media management.

Content Marketing – If you aren’t gaining solid leads from your website, you have no content marketing strategy and you likely aren’t blogging. The way people buy products or use services has changed. It’s your job to be the thought leader in your industry and provide education to your prospects. It’s our job to bring those prospects down the marketing funnel through awareness, consideration and decision buying stages.

Sales & Marketing Support – Are your sales and marketing aligned? Have you put your toes in the social selling water? Even if your brick and mortar, these tactics need to be aligned so that every point of contact you make with a prospect is a delightful experience.

Want to talk? Great! We LOVE to talk! Contact us to set up a meeting today! Be sure to sign up for our blog on this link as well!